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ACUTECH™ Blind Quality Controls

ACUTECH™ Blind Quality Controls

Acutech Blind Quality Controls

Federal DOT Regulation 49 CFR Part 40.103

  • "As an employer or C/TPA with an aggregate of 2000 or more DOT-covered employees, you must send blind specimens to laboratories you use..."
  • "To each laboratory to which you send at least 100 specimens in a year, you must transmit a number of blind specimens equivalent to one percent of the specimens you send to that laboratory, up to a maximum of 50 blind specimens each quarter..."

Federal NRC Regulations Title 10 CFR Part 26.168

ACUTECH blind specimens are pooled human urine, certified negative or positive by a SAMHSA certified laboratory.

We have two options for use of this product to meet the above regulations:


We send you the blind quality control material and you do the rest.

Bottled urine specimens are packaged in 60 ml sealed bottles with removable, color-coded labels for easy identification.

These blind specimens are liquid, require no reconstitution and are stored at refrigerator temperature, until used.

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You send us the necessary forms and information we need in order to submit your blinds and we do it for you.

We fill out the forms, prepare the blind specimens, and ship them throughout the year. This option ensures that each component of the regulation is met to the letter and saves you the headache of doing it yourself.

Turnkey Process Description

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